Travis Bishop, War Resister

Travis Bishop is from Louisville, Kentucky and enlisted in the military in April of 2004. He was deployed to Korea in October 2004 for one year and was then transferred to Ft. Hood and the 3rd Signal Brigade in November 2005. Travis deployed to Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq from August 2006-2007. In February 2008, he was transferred to the 57th Signal Battalion. He has served 5 years active duty in the United States Army and has recently refused orders to Afghanistan based on religious reasons. He is currently stationed at Ft. Hood, TX.

About this website

This website is created on behalf of Travis Bishop by his civilian legal defense counsel, with the assistance of his friends and supporters at the Under the Hood GI Coffeehouse, Courage to Resist and others.

The purposes of this website are:

  1. Keep the public eye on Travis Bishop’s case, so that the Army will ensure his safety and good treatment during his time of incarceration.
  2. Solicit letters of support on behalf of Travis Bishop that will be used in his post-trial clemency filings.
  3. Travis Bishop chose to take the heat and plead not guilty (and face probable harsher punishment) so he could raise the issue of the military’s failure to provide adequate notice and training on the right to file for C.O. (conscientious objector) status to all deploying troops. This fight will of course continue through the courts (through Travis’ appeals), but we also hope to use the political process to push this agenda. Either Congress (through amending the UCMJ and other federal statutes) or the Executive branch (through amending DOD and branch-specific regulations) could make Travis’ dream a reality. This website will be used to further this mission.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Molly Meredith Says:

    wHAT A STUPID GI!!!! Go back home to mommie and suck on a nipple please. Who the hell do you think you are resisting something you signed up to do? If you want media attention go for something positive and not something you are wrong about and will never win at ever! You are nothing and I hope for the maximum penalty for your stupid decision.

  2. Joy Brumback Says:

    WOW, and who are you to say anything??? You have no right to tell this man that his opinion and view of this subject is stupid by any means. Its incredibly admirable what he is doing and I’m sure millions of people feel the same way I do about what he is doing.

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