Final call for letters asking for an early release for Travis Bishop


Hello friends and supporters of Travis Bishop,

The record of trial will soon be authenticated by the court-martial judge, which means that we will soon have the deadline approaching to submit post-trial matters 1105 matters.

In layman’s terms, this means that before the Lt. General Cone (commanding General of Fort Hood) approves the court-martial results and sentence, we get to present whatever documents and other materials to him in mitigation in hopes that he will reduce Travis’ sentence.

Travis has written a personal letter to the CG (which can be read here: page 1 and page 2). Along with that will be evidence of the mistreatment Travis has suffered at the Fort Lewis Brig, and HUNDREDS of letters from around the world from members of Amnety International (see Amnesty International’s statement declaring Travis Bishop a prisoner of conscience).

We have one problem though… we don’t have enough letters from Americans!

I know that is a funny thing to say, but I think we need some letters from people right here in the USA asking for Travis to be released early, and preferably some from veterans. We do have some letters from the USA, but not near enough.

So, I’m asking all supporters of Travis Bishop to sit down now and write a letter to Lt. General Cone asking for Travis Bishop to be released early. It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be respectful and heartfelt.

If you have time handwrite it or to at least sign it with a pen, that is ideal. If you can do that, please fax it to me at 1-866-757-8785 or scan your letter and then email it to me at girightslawyer(at)gmail(dot)com. (If you can’t email or fax it, then you can mail it to me but I would recommend against it as the deadline is so close. If you must mail it though, send it to: James M. Branum Attorney at Law, 3334 W. Main St. #412, Norman, OK 73072)

If you don’t have time to handwrite it, please don’t let that stop you from writing an email. Just write what you want to say in email form, addressing it Lt. General Cone and them email it to me at: girightslawyer(at)gmail(dot)com.

Time is of the essence. While we could ask for an extension on the 10 day deadline (the clock starts running once the judge authenticates the record, which I expect will happen on Monday), I don’t want to do that, because the sooner we submit the packet, the sooner the General can respond to it. And if a miracle happens, I would love to see Travis get out in time for Christmas!

So, to give myself enough time to compile the packet, I’m asking that all letters of support be sent by Monday, December 14th.

Lastly, I understand some local peace groups have circulated petitions calling for Travis’ release. Please send fax or scan/email those petitions to me by December 14th as well.

James M. Branum
Attorney for Travis Bishop

P.S. Courage to Resist is still supporting Travis for his post-trial case. If you would like to donate for Travis’ legal defense costs, please go to:


14 Responses to “Final call for letters asking for an early release for Travis Bishop”

  1. […] Final call for letters asking for an early release for Afghan War Resister ravis Bishop This is cross-posted from: […]

  2. War is ugly, Travis Bishop has rights to protect his Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. LOVE & PEACE Tim Nolan

  3. I would like to add my name to those requesting the prison time pardon for Travis Bishop. I do this with the utmost sincerity, though I’ve never met the man.

    As a Veteran serving in Vietnam, I held a lot of rage against those who would opt out of serving their country as my buddies and I were doing. I was part of the “surge” Lyndon Johnson ordered in the summer of ’65. Upon return stateside, I received no debriefing or much assistance learning to cope with the new reality of being a civilian again. One thing that did interest me was beating up on the draft dodgers and protesters when I had the opportunity. It went on weekly, sometimes daily. Me attacking my fellow citizens because of the rage I’d picked up in country. It was like this for another six years, in the spring of 1972, before I finally understood that I could support the women and men in the service without supporting the war, which I knew all along was un-winable. I’ve been protesting our governments intrusion into the affairs of others since then.

    I now work as a volunteer to provide counter recruitment options for tuition assistance, jobs and civil service to our country which many of today’s young people are much better trained for, and which provide much more positive results than the bombs and bullets we’ve been using for eight years to supposedly catch one man and his 100 or so followers. The strategy so far has only served to increase the amount of resistance we get from the population of Afghanistan and it’s corrupt government.

    I ask that you allow this fellow Veteran to return to his family now, so that the wounds he and his family have received as a result of this situation can begin to heal. Please let him go home with time served.

  4. Ruth Epstein Downes Says:

    Travis Bishop should not be imprisoned for his belief. We need an expansion of the definition of “conscientious objector” to include objection to serving in a particular war. Current definition includes only religious basis for objecting to serve in all wars.

  5. John and Martha Stoltenberg Says:

    We support all of those people that are resisting the American fascist war machine, i.e. the American military, via passive resistance and political resistance.

  6. Travis Bishop is the only kind of “soldier” that I can respect; the kind that refuses to fight in a war for his government. He would be doing nothing for his country by fighting, but he would be doing everything for his government. Free this man at once! The Prince of Peace is NOT the God of War!

  7. Why should Travis have to fight in a war that is unjust?
    Travis, please know that their are people out here that are with you all the way. The President should know by now that war is not healthy for people and other living things. Peace to you and yours.

  8. Dora Martinez-Armstrong Says:

    This courageous Man humbles me. He has the inalienable Right to follow his conscience and refuse to be an accomplice to murder. No one has the right to judge him. He is a real hero.

  9. cheney had 5 deferments. Funny how all the “WAR” people have never been in one.
    Good for you Travis, the whole world is behind you. We need more people like you.

  10. faye cohen Says:

    was very moved by travis’ brave action and also his letter. need more young people to say no to wars that our govt. sends them off to. war is such a horrible waste. please release travis, and pray for peace on earth, goodwill toward men.

  11. Marguerite Holz Says:

    Jesus asks each of us to be peacemakers. In all things, war is NOT the answer. Each American has the right to be a peacemaker instead of a war monger; therefore, Travis needs to be freed at this time.

  12. […] In layman’s terms, this means that before the Lt. General Cone (commanding General of Fort Hood) approves the court-martial results and sentence, we get to present whatever documents and other materials to him in mitigation in hopes that he will reduce Travis’ sentence. Read the rest of the story here. […]

  13. Lt. General Cone
    In regard to Travis Bishop

    Our country is unique and special in that it is founded upon citizens’ following their conscience. Thus, both assent and dissent have their roles in our government’s ruling by consent of the governed.

    Sometimes, an individual cannot understand or accept the moral imperative of a particular war and is thereby forced by his conscience not to participate in it. Just as we respect those whose conscience directs and whose patriotism demands their participation in a particular war, we must also respect those whose conscience directs and whose patriotism demands their non-participation in a particular conflict.

    I hope these comments will help mitigte the severity of Travis Bishop’s sentence.

    Mary Qasim

  14. Thad Crouch Says:

    This Army Veteran for peace is sending my letter and several other letters produced at a “letter writing party” we held in Austin Wednesday night. We learned about Travis, had posters on the wall with suggested talking points and then wrote letters.

    I served to protect freedom. This nation was founded partly for freedom of religion. Travis should be free!!!

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