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Jail House Blog – Time to Wake Up by Travis Bishop

Posted in Jailhouse blog posts on November 17, 2009 by James M. Branum

I’m posting a new blog entry, written by Travis Bishop while in jail at the Northwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility (NWJRCF, aka the Fort Lewis Brig).


In accordance with NWJRCF and Army policies, we must say that this blog entry is an expression of Travis’ own opinions and does not represent in any way the views of the U.S. Army (as if Travis would say anything the Army would be down with).

The blog entry itself is hand-written by Travis, so I decided to just scan the pages as PDF’s that you can download and read. I’m too busy with case work to type it up, but if someone could take the time to download the PDF’s and type up what Travis said, I would love to repost it here (just email me if any of y’all have time to type it up)