Statement by Travis Bishop – August 14, 2009

This letter was written a few minutes before Afghan war resister Travis Bishop was shackeled and taken away after his court-martial at Fort Hood.

To everyone who still cares:

I can not say that a year in prison doesn’t scare me: I am terrified. I just cried in the bathroom so no one could see.

But still, though I am terrified, it would be scarier still to know that my fellow soldiers who feel as we feel would never find out what we are trying to accomplish had I not gone to prison.

Everyone who hears or reads this should know that I love you all, and my life is forever changed because of you.

Victor and myself are starting something big . . . and it is now up to all of you to continue on.

With all of my heart,



6 Responses to “Statement by Travis Bishop – August 14, 2009”

  1. if! What IF they gave a war and nobody came.. sorry for the typo.

  2. Travis…

    Stay strong, Brother; you and Victor, and the rest of the Resistors, are not alone. We were there (VetSpeak & VVAW, as well as IVAW, VFP, and the MFSO) for Robin Long, and we will be there for y’all…they can’t take that away from you. You’re courage is winning hearts and minds, and making the rest of us stronger, I assure you.

    I will be following your blog, but if you would like, I will also publish stuff for you, over at, if you ever feel the need. Just give us a holler.

    Semper Fi…
    Willie H

  3. God will be with Travis and Victor. Y’all are in my prayers.

  4. You are a pussy and a you deserve a lot more then just a year in a jail. You would have pulled this shit back during the Revolution or the Civil War… You would have been SHOT! This is what I feel should happen to you, and then you should rot in hell for trying to start something like this. You and Victor are just two pussies who couldn’t handle war, and I bet you two are gay, too. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    And the Army goes rolling along.

    You’ll never stop that… No matter how much you try!


  5. This Soldier will need God while he is in prison with other Soldiers that have been sent there for the things that they did while deployed. He is the biggest POS that I have ever met in my life. He spreads lies and poison while “fighting for his cause”. PRIVATE (glad to say that again) David Travis Bishop- You will never be a good country singer and you will never have a good legal job.

  6. James M. Branum Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Guess what? The other prisoners at the Fort Lewis Brig LOVE Travis. They admire him for standing up for what he believes in and you should to.


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