Prison Blog Post from Travis – August 20, 2009


First off, hello to all those who still support me! Your support, kind words, and well-wishings have truly kept me going through this difficult time.

I want to assure everyone, well-wishers and nay-sayers, that I am still 100% confident that my decision was a smart one. Though I suffer a harsh personal loss, the gain for this movement is incredible. Already I have heard of others who have been influenced by mine and Victor’s decisions and actions, and it warms my heart.

Ultimately, the goal is to end these wars. And keeping that in mind, remember that my decisions are mine and mine alone. My hope is that others learn from mine and Victor’s sacrifices. They are small when compared to the ultimate gain.

To my supporters, Thank You and write me right now while I’m in Bell County even!

To those who think I was coerced, influenced or made to do this, please write me to. I would love to personally explain how I feel.



You can write Travis at: Travis Bishop, Bell County Jail, 113 W. Central Ave., Belton, TX 76513


20 Responses to “Prison Blog Post from Travis – August 20, 2009”

  1. our thoughts and prayers are with you brave Travis

  2. Crystal Cain Says:

    Travis you have always been a sweet and kind soul, and you have my support 100%! I just wanted to personally thank you, thank you for being so brave and standing up for what you believe in. You are not alone during this time you are in all of our hearts and prayers and I want you to know I envy your strong courage and commitment! Always stay true to yourself and remember your still a hero!

  3. Sgt Bishop, your principled stand is an example of true courage. May the days fly by until you awake one morning free of the physical constraints they have placed on you. I am fairly certain that your mind and your heart are free already…

    Mal Chaddock

  4. Travis, you are an inspiration to us all! Stay strong and do not let the system or anyone else pull you down. We are all hoping you are okay and being treated well. Solidarity!

  5. Travis,
    Good to hear that your spirits are up.
    I was in the Marines back in the mid-60’s. I wish I had stood up like you did. Hopefully your action will move many others to take the same course. Let us know what we can do to help.
    Check out our blog, We covered you and Victor quite a bit. We would like to keep people updated on your situation. In the meantime we will list your blog on our site. Stay well and stay in touch.
    Peace & Justice for all,

  6. Personal responsibility and the courage to act on your convictions are a rare commodity these days. We see our political and economic leaders never being held accountable for their crimes, no matter how many people suffer from them, but the working people are jailed for the least infraction. Thank you Travis for being an example of staying true to your beliefs and accepting responsibility for them! You are a true hero and an inspiration.

    “What is they gave a war and nobody came?”….

  7. moonchild Says:

    hello travis,
    i never cry, but you make me cry and give me hope. My husband was in the military, and we know that many of the soldiers are brainwashed, i am so happy that you show us that it can be different, i have a 21 year old son in the marines, and he want to go and shot some bad guys, it is his saying, and i can nothing do to make him see. but i hope that your story get so national and heard everywhere, that maybe he has a chance to see the light.

    much love, light & peace to you……stay strong and true to yourself

  8. If you cant do the job and stand behind it you should not have signed the dodded line!!! I am sorry I cant see you being a HERO!!!! To me you are a coward and nothing else. The true HEROS are the guys that fighting for EVERYONES freedom not the ones that hide and are scared to be a REAL MAN!!!!!

    • Teachervet Says:

      As a 20-year veteran, and one who served a combat tour in Iraq, I have to respond. There are many men & women in uniform and veterans who know that these wars are not about defending our freedom. Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand how any but the most paranoid could ever believe that either Iraq or Afghanistan threatened our freedoms. Consequently, that argument, Kerstin, fails. As to “signing on the dotted line,” I signed the same contract (5 times!), and nowhere does it say that I had to surrender my conscience. I assume that Sgt Davis signed the same thing. I DID swear to uphold and defend the Constitution, but the Constitution says nothing about participating in wars of aggression. I never swore an oath TO the president, congress, or any other person. And, although I agreed to obey the orders of my superiors, I also understood that I had a duty to NOT obey unlawful orders. No Courts Martial has yet been willing to consider this fundamental issue–that these wars are unlawful. Like many, I assumed that if I was called upon to go to war, I thought it would be for a legitimate reason (I enlisted right after Vietnam). I wish someone would explain the legitimacy of these wars.

      I agreed to go to Iraq with my unit because of my unit, not because of the politicians who sent us over there. Sgt Davis, after examining his conscience, reached a different conclusion, but one that I not only fully understand but also one that I sympathize with. This WAS an act of courage; moral stands always are. His willingness to end his career, suffer the weight of UCMJ, the animosity of narrow minds, and jail certainly seems brave to me.

      Finally your comment about being a “real man” suggests to me a superficial, two-dimensional understanding of masculinity. Or perhaps it’s simply an ad-hominem attack that serves to hide a fundamental lack of substance.

      I’d be interested in hearing about your combat experience, particularly how you dealt with unlawful orders.

    • moonchild Says:

      many young man’s sign the contract now, because they can’t get any other job in this economy right now. the other site is, that many people believing the lies being told about terrorist and the whole war. if you ever heard of Hegelian Dialectic, maybe you would understand better what is going on around the world. he just realized the the war is nothing else than a big lie. good for him, like most other people are still blindly following the crowd, and try to shun shame on him. kerstin, you must be the wife of a soldier, and a pretty brain washed once too, and you are with him brain washed. wake up……….open up your instinct and see what really is going on………….

  9. I think you should be transferd to a military prison and see what it is all about!!!!! You think county jail is bad, wait until you go to the real thing!!!! I am sorry I can not feel for you.

  10. Travis,

    War resisters are our brothers and sisters and we support you in your brave struggle. Solidarity!

  11. Thank you brother for standing up for humanity

  12. Write! Write! Write! Your power is in not only your courageous stance, and your willingness to stand so solidly behind your convictions, but in your words, as well; your story can be the breeze that fans the embers of Truth, for your active duty brothers and sisters who are still seeking the courage to resist, or to speak out. You, Brother, are an inspiration, to us all!

  13. This period will pass; better a short sacrifice now than the life-long pain of betraying your conscience (something I know about).

    “Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. ~Thomas Merton

  14. I support you 100%. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in.

    Peace always.

  15. Thank you Travis for your brave decision. You should be proud of yourself. There are many supporting you all around the world.

  16. Hang in there, Bish!

  17. A Real NCO Says:

    PRIVATE (I am glad to say that again) David Travis Bishop- I can honestly say that I am glad you are in PRISON. As a Soldier, you never met the standard (APFT or Weight) nor did you ever learn the job (Human Resource or Signal). You couldn’t even lead a Soldier out of a wet paper bag! The only reason you made E-5 was because of the automated promotion (meaning you stayed in long enough and the Department of the Army felt sorry for you). You did not deploy to Afghanistan because you were running like a scared chicken. You knew this was not going to be Camp Victory chilling in the S-1 and calling the Rear Detachment S-1 NCOIC for templates of 4187s. You knew you would actually go out on a FOB that could get bombed or even fired at… That is the real reason you didn’t come out. You stuck onto someone else’s band wagon so you could look like you were apposed to the war but really you don’t care about it as long as you are not there.
    I hope that you meet people in the MILITARY PRISON that will show you their views one way or another.

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